“The Art of being BOLD” – Finding Inspiration Interview with Amber Rae (pt.1)

Our guest on Finding Inspiration this week is Amber Rae and … she is awesome! Amber is a purpose driven entrepreneur with a mission to “create a world where human potential is not governed by what we’re told we can and cannot do, but rather by our highest intentions and inner gifts.” We were excited to hear more about Amber’s story which followed her journey from dejected young professional to driven social entrepreneur and advocate.

Amber is changing the status quo for young professionals and is one of the  best mentors around when it comes to helping people turn their passion into their profession. She founded the BOLD Academy, a one of a kind incubator for driven millennials – She is a Fast Company contributor and blogs regularly on her website, HeyAmberRae.com. She also started Revolution.is, an incredible platform where entrepreneurs share life changing moments and stories with the world.


This episode dives deep into who Amber Rae is and the moment she started doing what made sense to her, instead of what other people thought she should be doing. She also shares some advice on how to surround yourself with people who inspire you and the number one piece of advice she’d give for someone trying to turn their passion into a profession. 

Stay tuned, part two with Amber will be released on Friday, March 29th, and the third installment will follow the next day, Saturday, March 30th.

Question 1: 01:15 – What are you most excited about at the moment?

Question 2: 02:55 – What advice would you give to people looking to surround themselves with people of value who will contribute to their growth?

Question 3: 06:45 – What advice would you give to someone who wants to turn their passion into their profession?


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