Stop Networking, Start Connecting (Video) & the best tip EVER from my gf

My keynote presentation to 150 nyc interns @  NYU

Before most talks, I get a some anxiety about what I want to say to the audience. It is good anxiety and motivates me to prepare. Before this last talk, my girlfriend Miki ( eased some of this tension with the best tip I’ve ever received about presenting.

“Give the talk you’d want to listen to” she said. Such simple advice that will change the way I develop and deliver talks for the rest of my life.

She helped me understand the importance of putting yourself in the  shoes of your prospective audience to think about what they ACTUALLY want. That single questions helped me think about what a student of that age would be most interest in learning.

That is exactly what I did.  I thought about being back at Virginia Tech when I was in my early 20’s and trying to figure out the best ways to get ahead to find my passion. I  tailored every point around the things that I wish I knew then and the result was a talk that resonated deeply with me.

I had more confidence and cadence presenting than I have had in the past. I had an authentic excitement to share with the group and in my opinion that is something that we should all strive for when we have an opportunity to speak, teach or share ideas.

So what’s your next big presentation?

Have you asked yourself  “What would I want to hear if I was I was in there shoes?”

Your answer to that question will help you craft a presentation that you want to give AND that your audience wants to hear.

Try it out, let me know how it goes!




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