Andrew’s introduction as Head of Business Development for Telegraph’s NYC office.

Meet Andrew Horn. Hailing from the Big Apple, he’s the newest addition to the Telegraph Team. Andrew is a Brooklyn based social-entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people who do good work… do more of it. If you ask Andrew’s clients and friends what best defines him, they’ll tell you that he always asks the best questions. He is a systematic thinker, who genuinely cares about people and specializes in helping them define their unique value and goals for the future.

Andrew has been building businesses his entire life. After launching his first organization Dreams For Kids DC at only 22 years, he started his own consultancy and began speaking professionally to student and professional audiences. Learn more about Andrew’s speaking on his personal website.

Before joining Telegraph, Andrew was working with best-selling author Sam Horn to launch The Intrigue Agency, a full service branding/communications firm. He spent this time studying business systems and mastering the art and science of effective communication, an expertise he brings into every branding project he works on.

What’s awesome about this industry?

We get to turn ideas into action and help people in the process. We believe in what we do and being able to help our clients scale their impact and income is something I’m proud of.

You’re throwing a party. Who’s invited?

My amazing NYC community and the beach.


Only in the morning.

Favorite social media accounts?

99UDailyBeast and HubSpot Marketing.

Last book you read?

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers.

If one song played every time you entered a room, which would it be?

Too tough…right now it would be “Someone New” by Hozier.

What app is missing from this world?

Building it!

Have any interesting quirks?

Sometimes when I hurt myself I’ll still say “owie.”

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