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While working with Dreams For Kids and providing adaptive athletics in and around Washington, D.C., we were consistently surprised by how difficult it was to identify and recruit new kids for our clinics. Our clinics were free and we knew that there was interest and a need for what we were doing, but it was still difficult to identify the people that we wanted to serve.

We started to establish partnerships with other adaptive athletic providers in and around Washington, D.C. and discovered that many of these organizations were having similar recruitment issues. We also realized that many of the organizations we started to work with did not know about other organizations doing similar work in the area.

We thought about how great it would be to create a “clearing house” for all of these types of adaptive opportunities and decided to start a community listserve that included around a 100 adaptive athletic and disability service providers in our area so that we could share events and activities that were happening.

After the success of this listserve concept, I started to look around and ask myself if there were other disability services that were similarly dis-connected…there were. If someone wanted to find non-profit’s, jobs, housing and activities etc. they would have to search all around the web and were often confronted with outdated, hard-to-use website.

I kenw there had to be a better way.

So we decided to create AbilityList, which we hope to turn into “craigslist for the disabled community.” A place where people with disabilities can come to easily find and share everything they need in their hometown.

Our tax exempt 501 c-3 status was recently approved, and we working with Theory and Practice, a Boulder based design firm to skin the new website after we have received this designation. Full roll out in NYC is expected later in 2014.

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