Finding Inspiration interview w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

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If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you should. Gary  is one of the most respected voices in social marketing and his ideas on entrepreneurship and especially e-commerce have impacted millions. He is the co-founder and CEO of  Vayner Media, Co-owner and Director of Operators for Wine Library, a NYT best-selling authorprolific public speaker and also a must follow for any entrepreneur on twitter @garyvee (where he has near a million followers).

I first saw Gary give a keynote presentation at The Summit Series in 2011 and have respected him ever since (Cliff note: He was in sweatpants and I had a suit jacket on). He gave an impassioned talk about about treating people with respect, or in Gary speak…”Not being a douchebag.” He changed the dynamic of that conference with a 30 minute talk and from what I hear, he tends to do that wherever he goes. Gary is one of the most intense, no-bullshit guys around and at the same time, he manages to be universally loved and respected by those who work with and follow him. This is why we were so excited to chat with him.

Gary closes out our interview by giving our video intern Clark some advice on following your passion and pursuing a career that you actually care about… ”For me, it comes down to the balance of long term thinking and short term practicality…If you’re under 27, your ability to sleep on somebody’s couch and just go for it, is there… there is no better time to take a risk. You have to consider what you’ll be thinking when you take your last breath…first your family…and then, it will be your profession. You need to be aggressive, you can’t be passive, never settle.”

Some other topics that Gary covers include…

– The most important lesson he taught his young employee Christa

– His emphasis on gratitude

– His Summit Series talk  & treating people with respect

– The role mentors have played in his career

– His New Book  Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook. How to to tell your story in a noisey world.






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