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Andrew began his speaking career at a young age, giving his first TEDx talk at 21. He has now presented to 100,00+ and is a frequent speaker at conferences (United Nations, BUSH Con), colleges (NYU, Western Ontario) and for Fortune 500 brands like MasterCard and Google. Andrew believes that a presentation is only as good as the lasting change it sparks in an audience. Andrew tells inspiring stories that everyone can relate to and packages takeaways in a practical format that attendees can put into action the second they leave the room. Whether he is breaking down the principles of entrepreneurship or introducing meaningful conversation techniques that will help you connect with anyone, Andrew is a can’t miss speaker for your next event.

Andrew's Speaking Topics

The Art of Meaningful ConversationInterpersonal Dynamics, Sales, Communication

The key to professional success and a full life depends on your ability to connect with people in a meaningful way. In this session, Andrew breaks down the authentic, practical techniques that anyone can use to meet new people, build deep relationships and feel confident in any room.

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to start conversations with strangers more naturally
  • The best questions you can ask to spark meaningful conversation in any situation
  • The Take v. Turn method to become a better listener
  • The “metamorphic two step” to be more confident in social situations
  • The science & business of connection. Learn the stats, trends and info about the impact of relationships on your health and professional success.

Pitch PerfectPitching, Sales, PR & Marketing

The success of your priority projects will often come down to a single conversation, presentation or pitch. If you want them to succeed at the level they deserve, you need to be able to articulate your value proposition in a clear, concise and compelling package. This talk will show you how to get a yes when it matters most.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Craft a signature story that showcases your impact with the WWWAVE technique
  • Create intrigue with eye openings statistics using the “Did you Know” method
  • Turn a no into a yes by anticipating objections
  • Use the “anchor” exercise to help people understand what you do right away Master the 3P’s to become a confident public speaker – Prepare, Practice and Present

Turning ideas into impact (Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship)

When we are connected to purpose, we will find the motivation for excellence. When we know how to prioritize, we will maximize our productivity. When we embrace problem solving, we can do more than we ever thought possible. This talk will get everyone in the audience thinking and creating like an entrepreneur.

Audience takeaways:

  • Use the GTS technique to solve problems and move projects forward
  • Optimize your productivity with the “first things first” mentality
  • Use the TAO of outreach to connect with anyone and win buy-in
  • Reconnect to your purpose and desired impact for sustainable motivation Learn the best tech hacks that you can use to get things done

Transform your culture with gratitude (Gratitude, company culture, employee recognition)

Learn the compelling research on gratitude and its ability to transform psychological well-being in and out of the workplace. Andrew will also share some of the simple gratitude meditations, employee recognition tactics and communication techniques that top tier leaders are adopting to be happier and more effective.

Audience Takeaways

  • The science of gratitude and its impact on health and happiness
  • Do this for 60 seconds a day and you’ll be 25% happier
  • Simple communication techniques to share your appreciation more effectively
  • Simple employee recognition systems that you can put into place in minutes
  • Learn how to unify a group with gratitude and recognition exercises [/_one_half_last]


Speaking Testimonials

"Andrew has the rare ability to immediately connect to audiences on both an emotional and intellectual level, a calm and magnetic confidence that engages any crowd, and important words of wisdom for living a purpose-driven life."

− Ben Rattray, Founder & CEO // Change.org

" Our global scholars loved the interactivity of the session and are already using your communication techniques to pitch their projects with more passion and confidence. Thank you!"

− Laurie Armstrong, MasterCard Foundation

"Members of the Institute for Excellence in Sales were very pleased with the sales workshop Andrew Horn presented several attendees even called it their favorite ISE session ever! Our members, typically high-performing sales executives and leaders began implementing his lessons that day and have already seen exemplary results."

− Fred Diamond, Executive Director // Institute of Excellence in Sales

"Andrew really connected with our non-profit community. He helped attendees understand the needs of those they were serving and helped them articulate new solutions through a wonderful, fresh presentation."

− Eileen Curtis, President // Dulles Chamber of Conference

"Andrew is an inspiring speaker and presented some novel ideas for the student entrepreneurs in attendance. Most importantly, his tactics to develop a pitch and a story will help our community to pitch and advance their social entrepreneurial ventures. I strongly recommend him for any conference to inspire the next generation of leaders."

− Alex Simon, Organizer // Shift Series Conference

"Attendees left with practical systems and communication techniques that they could immediately put to work for their business. We even had several attendees say it was their favorite session from the conference! I wouldn’t hesitate to have Andrew come back and present with us again."

− Julia Van Amerongen, Director of Programs + Events // Conscious Capitalism Summit

"Andrew did an exceptional job speaking to our college group. He was engaging, impactful, and gave real direction as to how to make the connections you want to make, without the theoretical filler they often get at school."

− Ellen Christansen, Program Director // Dream Careers

"Andrew was wonderful! Feedback from attendees was excellent. He presents in a way that is dynamic and engaging. The only complaint was that they did not want the session to end!"

− Angie Carerra, Resource Coordinator // Fairfax County Office of Public & Private Partnerships

"Andrew truly inspired me to present my business in a different way. He was incredibly compelling and I was not alone in being inspired by Andrew’s talk on effective pitching and story telling. In fact, in our small group, three out of six students specifically mentioned that his talk impacted them more than any other over the two day conference. I came out of his talk with a new, more refined pitch for my business as well as a better story. "

− Emily Raleigh, Founder // The Smart Girls Group

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