What I Believe…

A meaningful conversation can change your life forever. Business and technology are two of the most powerful tools for amplifying human connection in the world. The most effective way to find fulfillment is through helping another human. It is cooler to be interested, than interesting. If you want to be happy, be grateful. Passion and purpose are the most sustainable sources of motivation. Appreciation, vulnerability, and support are essential for great relationships. If there is anything you’re not doing that you’d like to be, now would be a great time to start.


Andrew Horn is a serial social entrepreneur, speaker and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.  He is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, was selected to Startup Boost’s 33 under 33 and received the Mayor’s Community Service award in Washington, D.C at the age of 23.

in 2014, Andrew launched Tribute.co, which The New Yorker recently called “Hallmark 2.0.” Tribute makes it easy to create a collaborative video montage that you can give as a gift on any important occasion. He is on a deep mission to spread gratitude and meaningful connection in the world and is responsible for 75,000+ Tributes since launching. Tribute also closed a $1.2M seed round in 2016 and is planning large-scale expansion in 2017.

Before launching Tribute, Andrew started an award-winning children’s non-profit called Dreams for Kids DC. In three years, he established the organization as one of the premiere adaptive athletic providers in Washington, D.C. (where kids with disabilities played sports with professional teams like the Washington Capitals and Redskins).  He was able to build a succession plan and stepped down in 2011 to start another non-profit venture called AbilityList, which FastCompany called a “Craigslist for people with disabilities.”

Once Dreams for Kids DC and Ability List were operationally sound, Andrew went to work with best-selling author Sam Horn to launch The Intrigue Agency in Washington D.C and NYC. The IA is a full-service branding firm with Fortune500 clients like Cisco, Boeing and HP.

Andrew began professional speaking at a young age, giving his first TEDx talk at 21. Andrew is now a frequent speaker at conferences (United Nations), colleges (NYU) and for Fortune 500 brands like MasterCard. He is a frequent contributor to media outlets like MindBodyGreen, HuffPo and TheMuse. He focuses his writing on “The Art of Meaningful Conversation” – How to overcome anxiety, ask better questions and connect with anyone.

My Skills

  • Speaking

  • Presentation Coaching

  • Business Building

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Leadership

  • Management & Operations


"It’s about connecting people who are disconnected — then connection becomes a function of art. The opportunity in the Connection Economy is about finding the problem (where are people disconnected)."

− Seth Godin

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