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Do you have a story inside of you that is burning to get out?

Your story is your service. One of the most rewarding things we can do in life is to distill the lessons that have allowed us to succeed and share them with others. Andrew has helped his clients prepare for TED talks, get 6-figure book deals and self-publish passion projects in record time. He is masterful at helping clients get to the root of their unique value proposition so they can create something that benefits the world for decades to come.

Andrew’s foundation of branding expertise comes from his time starting and launching the Intrigue Agency in Washington D.C and NYC. The Intrigue Agency is a strategic-communications firm with Fortune500 clients like Cisco, Boeing and HP. These days, Andrew only takes on a select clientele who use their writing and speaking as a vehicle for massive impact in the world.  He is used to working with people who are busy running their companies and he has streamlined his consulting process to maximize output in the shortest amount of time.

What does Andrew consult on?

Make Money Speaking

Andrew loves working with CEO’s, writers and innovators to help them create their signature keynote presentation. Whether you want to get your first TEDx, are crafting your legacy message or need of a fresh presentation for a book launch, Andrew will help you articulate your big idea, tell engaging stories and craft a presentation that companies will pay you for.

Develop A Personal Brand

How do you want the world to know you? Andrew will help you cut to the core of your mission and why people should work with you. We’ll take the guesswork out of your marketing materials, business model and have experience designing beautiful websites that clearly articulate your services.

Write A Book

Andrew believes in the old adage “Only write a book if it is harder for you NOT to write the book.” If you have a book that is ready to come out, Andrew can accelerate the process of; creating an engaging proposal, nailing your pitch, dialing in a chapter summary and going out to publishers (or self-publishing) with confidence.


Consulting Testimonials

"I love the way my business looks and loved working with Andrew and his team. If you are looking to improve your business or advance an important project, you’ve come to the right place."

− Pamela Green, Founder // CEO of the Power Project Institute

"What I enjoyed most about working with Andrew was his ability to articulate my ideas and vision in a way that would resonate with the audience. When I started prepping for the talk, I believed in what I was talking about and felt like everything was in my own voice. Andrew made preparing for one of the biggest talks of my life a fun experience that inevitably got me the results I wanted. If you are prepping for an important presentation and want to make it count, Andrew is your man. "

− Taylor Conroy, Founder // CEO of Change Heroes

"Andrew’s techniques have enabled me to fully open up and tell people about what it is like to live with Muscular Dystrophy. On top of that he has helped me deliver my story in a coherent and cohesive way that lets the listener simultaneously learn about me and gain a new perspective on life. Working with Andrew has super-charged me and made me more excited than ever to pursue a professional speaking career. "

− Steve Way, Motivational Speaker and Actor

"The opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Andrew helped me make the most of it. He helped me craft my talk around a big idea worth spreading and seamlessly worked in information about my new business without being salesy. The talk is going to be a marketing asset that we will be able to use forever and I am incredibly grateful that I got to work with Andrew on this talk. "

− Miki Agrawal, Serial Entrepreneur and Speaker

"Andrew and his team are true professionals. They helped me develop a brand for my company that truly differentiated me from my competitors and we have reaped the reward since making the changes he suggested. Their creativity and knowledge of current business trends is unmatched and I wouldn't be where I am without them. "

− Sam Panice, Founder of Wicked Good E-Juice

"Andrew is a natural teacher; he possesses both intellectual and emotional depth, a calm confidence that puts you at ease, and a remarkable capacity for bringing out the best in others."

− Ben Rattray, Founder of

"The moments I spent with Andrew always leave a lasting impression. He has helped me crystallize my message and figure out the deep and lasting shift I aim to create with my audience. Andrew makes my writing stronger, my business offerings more compelling, and the change I evoke more sustainable. I’m so deeply grateful!"

− Amber Rae, Fast Co. writer and Founder of the Alive Tribe

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